Thankfully, this is not a taste-test post, if it were this entry would probably be being written from a hospital bed, though knowing our dedication to better understanding the art of the cheesesteak in its many form, a heart-attack inducing trip to Pizza Snobz in Easton, PA surely cannot be far away.

Pizza Snobz gained notoriety for offering deep-fried pizza, a practice that has occurred in Scotland for years, much to the delight of batter fans, and is even seen in Naples, It, the home of pizza, but when Pizza Snobz owner David Barker wrapped a cheesesteak in pizza dough and then deep-fried it, he became a true culinary pioneer.

Unfortunately, the actual cheesesteak appears to pale in comparison to the prime examples that can be found all-over Philly, I can't even see any cheese in the picture above, can you? I'll let that slide (just this once), on account of Barker being such a visionary in the cheesesteak world.

If you would like to sample the deep-fried cheesesteak yourself, for the reasonable price of $7.50, amongst a range of other deep-fried goods like pound cake, twinkies, snikcers, and many more in the pipeline, head to 2300 Butler St, Easton, PA, though please be aware that they are moving to a larger location at 308 Old Mill Road on April 10th.