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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Each collegiate semester, QCM outlines a concept for an intern project that will be executed and promoted during that semester. The Pats Vs. Geno’s project is a pure conception of the Quaker City Mercantile creative think tank. Throughout its two-semester existence, the QCM intern team has re-branded both Pat's Steaks and Geno's Steaks. Pats Vs Geno’s served as our sounding board for design ideas that enabled us to display our love for cheesesteaks. The project then evolved into a citywide celebration in honor of Philadelphia’s native delicacy. We felt it was necessary to focus our blog on Cheesesteak Day oppose to Pats and Geno’s. Nevertheless, we are full of new ideas and plan on bring the same great content as we produced for Pats vs. Geno’s. So check us out and help make Cheesesteak Day a reality.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Last Friday, Phelebrity photographers spotted a cheesesteak resting under the Philadelphia sun at Penn Treaty Park. I don’t fault or pass judgment on the cheesesteak for conducting such a bold act. If I were relentlessly pursued by civilization, I would also search for relaxation. Cheesesteaks deserve a day of rest beyond the sight of the public eye. It’s hard being a Cheesesteak, they are continuously placed on high demand and the threat of being mauled by some carnivorous consumer remains a prevalent threat. So if you happen to locate a Cheesesteak at Penn Treaty Park, the Jersey Shore, or the backyard of the neighbor that routinely comments on your appearance, remember that even cheesesteaks deserve a day off once in a while (

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Pat’s and Geno’s feud has been brewing for decades, but apparently it takes a television host from Texas to bring the two together in mutual territory. Pat’s owner, Frank Olivieri and the face of Geno’s, Joe Vento came together today for a special episode of The Dr. Phil Show that was filmed right here in Philadelphia. Apparently, they were going to try each other’s steaks and maybe share a friendly handshake. Hmm…someone should make sure those sandwiches aren’t laced with anything except cheese, meat, bread and onions. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to catch this epic event, but we’re sure that this little meeting of the cheesesteak heavyweights won’t put an end to the grudges both have against each other.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Alright folks, as promised, we have for you our
new & modernized Geno's


Fry Cup

Drink Cup

Condiment Stand

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reading Terminal’s Cheesesteak Day was everything you could want it to be. It was full of people, music, games and most importantly cheesesteaks! We indulged in cheesesteaks wit and witout, cheesesteak burritos and even cheesesteaks made of chocolate.

Dessert course.

Skillful and quick hands make good sandwiches.

We hung out with cheesesteak queen, Carolyn Wyman. 

On that glorious day cheesesteaks were responsible for many stained shirts, clothes permeated with cheesesteak aroma and probably some heartburn but it was well worth it. What we experienced that day has left us motivated to make sure we fight for an annual citywide cheesesteak day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Philadelphia is known as one of the most historical cities in the nation for many reasons: the Liberty Bell, the Philadelphia Zoo, Benjamin Franklin.  Keeping that in mind, we believe it’s time to appoint a day for Philadelphians and visitors to recognize another one of its important contributions to society. Although Philly is known as the birthplace of a nation, it is also the birthplace of the king in the sandwich world. An entity so great, that merely mentioning its illustrious name causes mouths around the country to water in anticipation. A being so famous that it has been recrated countless times – The Philadelphia Cheesesteak.


Most who come to visit Philadelphia are well aware of the necessity to eat an authentic Phily cheesesteak. As for those who have spent more than a week in the City of Brotherly Love, it is far too taboo to admit to not having eaten a cheesesteak. In order to correct these missteps and others alike, we have a simple proposition. We cheesesteak fanatics have envisioned a day in which all of Philadelphia, tourists and residents alike, can celebrate the majesty of the meat, cheese, and onion sandwich. We are simply asking for one day out of the year to honor and praise the sandwich that holds as much historical value as the city it was born in.


In order to actually make this holiday happen, we have to convince City Council and “The Man” that we, the cheesesteak people, desire a day of cheesesteak observance.  With that being said, what do you think about petitioning for an annual, Philadelphia-wide Cheesesteak Day?  We'll take the petition to the streets and post it on the web to amass enough signatures to bring it to City Hall. Let us know your thoughts so we can get one step closer to celebrating the first Cheesesteak Day the world has ever known!  

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A picture diary of vendors selling wannabe Philly cheesesteaks along the Seaside Heights boardwalk in Jersey.

The best of Philadelphia? Isn’t that copyright infringement or something?

Philly’s Phamous, adding a ‘Ph’ to a word doesn’t instantly associate it with Philadelphia...
unless it’s on a Phillies t-shirt.
(Not to mention your sign blasphemes Philly cheesesteaks by putting “Philly” and “home of the buffalo chicken cheese steak” on the same sign AND by spelling cheesesteak as two separate words.)

Their claim may be true, but how do you think they’d stand up to the best of Philly?

We hope that the cheesesteaks here don’t lack as much flavor as this sign lacks aesthetics.

Now this one was tricky… it took at least 3 tries to capture this counterfeit scrolling text.

It’s hard to tell, but we’re pretty sure that that “Philly Steak” has red and green colored vegetables on it. False advertising.

And that concludes the Philly-cheesesteak-wannabe-picture tour.

Note: Pat’s and Geno’s, you should consider copyrighting the term “Philly Cheesesteak,” and then sue these and other imposters. You’d make millions.