A picture diary of vendors selling wannabe Philly cheesesteaks along the Seaside Heights boardwalk in Jersey.

The best of Philadelphia? Isn’t that copyright infringement or something?

Philly’s Phamous, adding a ‘Ph’ to a word doesn’t instantly associate it with Philadelphia...
unless it’s on a Phillies t-shirt.
(Not to mention your sign blasphemes Philly cheesesteaks by putting “Philly” and “home of the buffalo chicken cheese steak” on the same sign AND by spelling cheesesteak as two separate words.)

Their claim may be true, but how do you think they’d stand up to the best of Philly?

We hope that the cheesesteaks here don’t lack as much flavor as this sign lacks aesthetics.

Now this one was tricky… it took at least 3 tries to capture this counterfeit scrolling text.

It’s hard to tell, but we’re pretty sure that that “Philly Steak” has red and green colored vegetables on it. False advertising.

And that concludes the Philly-cheesesteak-wannabe-picture tour.

Note: Pat’s and Geno’s, you should consider copyrighting the term “Philly Cheesesteak,” and then sue these and other imposters. You’d make millions.