Doesn't it seem like EVERY time you and your friends go out for steaks, you
always end up saying the same exact thing? It goes "This is SO good. How is
yours? Good? Awesome." and no one has anything else to say... right? So
isn't it time you brought a new conversation starter to the table? Well, try
some of these hilarious jokes to get the party started! And if Pat's or
Geno's is your date destination for the evening, we can guarantee that these
gags will prove your wit and win her heart so she can never go witout you!

Q: What do you call it when someone is overly hopeful about the quality of
their cheesesteak?
A: Whizful thinking

Q: What New Jersey born poet wrote the classic "Oh Cheesesteak, My
A: Walt WITman

Q: What actor played a cheese-sucking vampire in a popular movie trilogy
that made over $400,000,000 in box offices worldwide?
A: Whizley Snipes

Q: What did the steak say when it was first introduced to the whiz?
A: Cheesed to meat you.