Introducing the new, edgier Geno’s. We have decided to spice things up by giving Geno’s, one of Philadelphia’s favorite cheesesteak shops since 1966, a fresh appearance. What is our reasoning behind this pseudo makeover? To give Geno’s the edge they’ve been looking for and to end the battle with Pat’s for the title of “Philly’s Best Cheesesteak Shop” once and for all. Although the new appearance will not actually be implemented, it will be designed with the intention to not only set Geno’s apart from the other cheesesteak shops throughout the city, but to also enhance customer’s experiences at the shop. This not only means a new logo for the steak shop but also new packaging, signage, seating areas… the whole works. It’s time for a change for Philadelphia’s best cheesesteak shop, aesthetically speaking of course. As far as the cheesesteaks, there’s nothing that needs changing about them.