The Philadelphia culinary masterpiece that brings natives together, despite the difference of opinion in the Cheesesteak War, has just made a new home in Georgia. The gooey and greasy sandwich is beginning to infect Georgians with its deliciousness and it’s all thanks to “The Legend of Bagger Vance.”


Most would agree the only cheesesteak worth eating is a traditional Philly cheesesteak and if they don’t, they haven’t had a real one. This is the concept behind the success of Darren and La-La Alston. A couple born and raised in the inner city of Philadelphia but now rooted in the land of peaches.


Before the Alstons became known in Georgia for their Philly style cheesesteaks they were in charge of security for fellow Philadelphia native and cheesesteak lover, Will Smith. Their size and childhood friendship made them the perfect bodyguard service for the man who brought you the Fresh Prince and rap music that even your grandparents could tap their feet to.


After a long stay in Georgia the couple decided to plant their feet in Augusta but couldn’t find a way to satisfy their cravings for traditional Philly dishes. During a moment of clarity and hunger they decided it was time bring in the culture and food they grew up around, thus the birth of The Philly Cheese Steak Factory.


Even though The Philly Cheese Steak Factory is located far from the birthplace of the Philadelphia cheesesteak, the South Philly classic dish tries its hardest to stay authentic. The meat, bread, and even the cooks are imported from Philadelphia so the experience is as close as possible to the real thing. The cooks might even send you the back of the line for ordering like an amateur. Who knows, they might even give you a high five with their spatula for saying “wit provolone”.


Alongside their well-known cheesesteaks are traditional Philly foods such as water ice, hoagies and soft pretzels. So if you decide to take a road trip down to Georgia anytime and you get hit by a hankering for that lovely sandwich, check out The Philly Cheese Steak Factory. Also, give the pizza fries a shot because they look delectable in the photo above.


[Article & Photo Credit: Metro Spirit]