Pat¹s King of Steaks will never change how they make their cheesesteaks. Thank goodness! But as more and more people are concerned about the effects and practices of twenty-four hour cheesesteak stands and their impact on the environment, Pat¹s King of Steaks has decided to focus a little more on what they can do to help out. The best way for people to see that Pat¹s is changing is not only through their actions, but also in their appearance, from their trash cans and napkins to their signage and logo. New practices, new identity, same great cheesesteaks.

Why shouldn't "the original" cheesesteak shop in Philadelphia have a new
image that best reflects not only the traditional and classic reputation that has been trusted since 1930, but also the modern ideas of sustainable work practices. The influence behind Pat¹s new eco-friendly look is a combination of styles, ideas, and attitudes that really makes Pat's the King of Steaks!