Earlier this week you got acquainted with the signage around Pat's King of Steaks, the second part of this photo tour is going to take in everything else, well, the bits that are of interest to our design proposals, at least.

Our project aside, I really like this photograph, good work intern Percy! Obviously, this is one of the picnic-style tables that surround Pat's, they aren't exactly exciting, but they do get the got done.

The trash cans at Pat's are just that, trash cans, you can trust me when I say they won't be looking like that in our designs.

This is a picture of the cup your fries come in, there's a nice little touch to the cup that you can push a couple of tabs on the top edge and they fold in to help keep your fries warm if you have the willpower to not tuck in straight away.

There's not really much that you can say about the condiment stand at Pat's, it's there, it's propped up by a brick, and it has condiments on it.

What, you didn't think I was going to show you around Pat's without showing you their most prized product in all its gooey glory, did you?