Since not everyone reading this blog will have experienced (and 'experience' is probably the right word) Pat's and Geno's, it would probably be a good idea to give you a virtual tour of them both so that when we start teasing you with elements of our design proposals you have a decent understanding of what the original looked like and how our ideas would (hopefully) improve upon them. I'm going to break this series down into a few parts, and then do the same of Geno's. First up, a look at the signage around Pat's.

Considering that most people order a whiz wit you have to question why the menu is so long.

This instruction board only serves to make first-timers more nervous (trust me!), but each time I've been the staff haven't even approached the steak-Nazi reputation that precedes them.

Pat's familiar crown logo makes an appearance on this sign located on the side of the building. The sign also lights up at night.

This sign is located on the opposite side of the building and also lights up at night. Notice how this sign uses a typeface unlike any other on the building.

Breaking up the list of items with the logo helps to make the menu board look a lot less like a shopping receipt.

This is Pat's retaliation to the controversial 'speak English' sign displayed at Geno's. You may notice to the left of the picture is an award from Tide, the washing detergent manufacturer, claiming that Pat's has 'Philadelphia's favorite stain', the award itself is fairly hard to read because of a grease mark on the window!

These signs fill the spaces that were previously occupied by windows, and can be found on the South and West walls, where the eating areas are. I think it's my favorite sign at Pat's, whereas everything else is very busy and cluttered, this sign is simple and restrained, also, who doesn't love a pun?