You can now officially say cheesesteak and sexy in the same sentence, thanks to Playboy. Let me warn those of you with a hunger for food and babes ahead of time, there are no photos of scantily clad women eating cheesesteaks here. Not only is that opposite of classy, it’s unsanitary. What we do have is Philadelphia’s very own Pat’s King of Steaks making Playboy’s A List: America’s Best Sandwiches.

Although many would argue and throw fits about Pat’s being celebrated as the best, Playboy does make a point by stating, “[Pat’s] has the balls to name itself the King of Steaks.” We’re not sure what Geno’s owner Joey Vento thinks of this but it will most certainly add fuel to the grease fire.

Alongside the Philadelphia food icon were the usual suspects in the sandwich line up, the Lobster Roll, Cuban, Banh Mi, Pastrami and Po’ Boy. This A List also includes some new players in the sandwich game, the St. Paul Sandwich, the Italian Beef and the far-from-the-image-your-in-head Sloppy Joe. (It's not even sloppy!)

Check out the article on Playboy’s web site to read more about the sandwiches that have made the A List.

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