Do you know that look your pet gives you when they catch the scent of the delicious meal you’re about to eat? It’s the kind of look that could melt glaciers or bring an American Gladiator to tears. Unfortunately, you often find yourself unable to satisfy their sad little faces. While you bite into a scrumptious steak they must fill themselves with processed canned food or Cocoa Pebbles look-alikes. For too many years our lovable little critters have not feasted on the same dishes we indulge ourselves with. Forget the Kibbles ‘n Bits, Beggin Strips or regular catnip; much like yourself, your dog and/or cat wants a cheesesteak or at least something that tastes like one.


As a snack for man’s best friend, Grandma Lucy’s bakery makes Philly Cheesesteak doggie treats. It may not look like it but these little morsels contain cheese, bread and USDA beef. Although it doesn’t come on an Italian hoagie with provolone, onions or chopped up steak these tasty bites will satisfy your pet’s hunger and your desire to share a Philadelphia experience with them.


If you happen to own a cat and would like to treat them to one of your favorite meals, Cosmic Pet has the answer for you. The Philly Cheesesteak flavored catnip will provide your feline friend with the flavor of a Philadelphia Cheesesteak while inducing that playful attitude catnip tends to do.  Soon your cat will be running around all amped up off of the catnip while giving you funny looks for putting whiz on your cheesesteak. Even the cat knows that’s a mistake.

All of the advances in modern technology have allowed us to compress the delicious Philly classic into a miniature version for our beloved pets. Now your cat or dog can experience the delight of having a mixture of cheese, meat and bread in their mouths alongside of you.


[Photo Credits: Cosmic Pet, Uptown Critters and Scott County Humane Society]