All I have to say is, it’s about time. The cheesesteak may seem simple enough, but underneath all the meat and cheese is a rich layer of history and an intriguing tale about each variation of the steak-sandwich and its respective creator.

Carolyn Wyman has bestowed upon us the ultimate guide to Cheesesteak Utopia. “The Great Philly Cheesesteak Book” is a compilation of history, culture, recipes, and photography involving Philadelphia’s favorite food. The handbook covers all things cheesesteak. From events and online homages, to examinations of the cheesesteak’s ingredients. Wyman’s book collects the in-depth stories that have lead to cheesesteak giants such as Tony Luke’s, Pat’s King of Steaks, and Geno’s Steaks. If you’re a fan of the sandwich, the city, or both, I suggest you check it out.

Also, if you happen to have a bike, a helmet, and of course a love for cheesesteaks, then you’re in luck. The author invites interested riders and cheesesteak enthusiasts to join her on a "leisurely" 12-mile bike ride as she visits eight popular cheesesteak shops. The free ride around Center City and South Philly will include stops to Sonny’s, Campo’s, Johnny’s Hots, Tony Luke’s, Philip’s, Cosmi’s, Pat’s, and finally Geno’s.  Food, history, culture, and exercise (which I’m sure we’ll be thankful for) are all part of the Cheesesteak Bicycle Ride. At every stop, Wyman will offer information, $2 bites, and an introduction to each of the stand’s owners. 

How could any cheesesteak fanatic pass up the opportunity to meet Geno’s larger-than-life personality and owner Joey Vento or Pat’s owner Frankie Olivieri Jr.?

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[Photo Credit: The Great Philly Cheesesteak Book]