After months of endless cheesesteak-related ramblings, another cheesesteak-craving finally got the best of me.  Unfortunately, it didn’t hit me until late Monday night.  As a car-less Art Museum area resident in the company of friends who are also car-challenged, I was forced to get my cheesesteak fix within walking distance.  Since my friends and I also had a hankering for some delicious cocktails, we decided to go to Continental Midtown on 18th and Chestnut where we could get great drinks AND their hyped up “Cheesesteak Egg Roll.”

As a cheesesteak egg roll virgin (and a cheesesteak sandwich connoisseur), I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.  I’m happy to report that I was completely satisfied with my platter of cheesesteak-filled egg rolls piled high with fried onions and garnished with Sriracha ketchup.  (However, the degree of deliciousness that I found them to be at the time could’ve been the result of a few too many Pomargaritas, Hawaii 5-Os, and wanton hunger.)  Compared to the petite appetizers that we consumed prior to the epic cheesesteak egg rolls, my friends and I were pleasantly surprised by the generous portion of the $12.50 dish.

In conclusion, Continental’s classic “Cheesesteak Egg Roll” is an awesome late night fix.  It’s a great value for the price, but don’t get too excited. Your drink tab will more than compensate for the inexpensive item.

[Photo Credit: Food Network]